Client - Infocus
Produced - User flows, Wireframes, Layout Design

Infocus needed an iOS app for their ConX video conferencing software which at the time was confined to their desktop video phones. They needed a mobile solution for the sales team who were on the road most of the time. I worked with product managers to provide the initial information architecture as well as finished layouts and assets for the engineering team.

User Research

User research was done with Infocus sales team members in the field who had been using a web based version of the ConX software. We did a SWOT analysis to give us a starting point from the existing software. Our user personas fit the profile of mobile sales professionals who needed an intuitive interface that was easy to use. We also had to take into consideration bandwidth issues with video on a mobile device.

Information Architecture

I created a number of user flows in Omnigraffle which we modified using Infocus MondoPad whiteboards. This allowed us to iterate quickly and come to a consensus on the flow of the application.


Once the flow of the application was established and user research had been translated to user stories, I started creating interactive wireframes in InVision. This allowed me to create mobile layouts that mimicked actual functionality and could be tested on iOS devices.

Final Design

The final design was completed after all functionality was agreed upon. I then worked with engineers to deliver assets.