Client - Insignia Health
Provided - IA/Design/Frontend Development

Flourish is a survey/content delivery platform based on the Patient Activation Measure, a methodology developed at the University of Oregon by Dr. Judith Hibbard to help health practitioners better assess a new patient's level of self actualization. I was brought on to help with maintenance of the 1.0 platform and to help design/develop the 2.0 platform.

Information Architecture

Initial UX consisted of detailed user flows, card sorting sessions, wire framing and collaboration among many team members from both product and development teams.

With the 2.0 platform, we attempted to add a gamification dynamic to the content delivery versus the 1.0 platform which utilized monetary rewards to each client's user base. The initial information architecture period went through multiple iterations before design/development began.

I campaigned for a responsive front end when we began development. I helped implement and maintain twitter bootstrap as a responsive framework so the product would be accessible on all devices. I also helped the development team transfer from vanilla CSS to SASS as a pre-processor.