Client - Insignia Health
Provided - Print/Email design

Insignia Health's marketing department needed some inspirational content to accompany their quarterly PAM release. I helped to design a 3 tier campaign that included posters, flyers and a targeted email campaign.


PAM stands for Patient Activation Measure. It is a methodology developed at the University of Oregon by Dr. Judith Hibbard to help health practitioners better assess a new patients level of self actualization. Insignia Health utilizes this methodology in the form of survey software licensed to public and private health companies. These posters, flyers and email blasts were designed with the target patient audience in mind and served to support health practitioners in their use of PAM.

Email Blasts

I used MailChimp to manage the email campaign. We were able to track the success rate of the campaigns that went out each quarter and received tailored analytics that allowed us to make adjustments on each successive campaign.

Posters / Flyers

I also designed a series of posters and flyers with similar content from the email blasts. These would serve as inspirational collateral to remind clients of the importance of PAM.